The end of YouTube videos for now at least…

11 03 2009

I have decided to move on, and will not be making any more YouTube Videos as of now. I might decide later to do something different on YouTube, but as of today tech videos/unboxings that I have currently done are deleted and there we be no more. If I decide to do something else different on YouTube I will post it here on this blog, also I may keep blogging but I haven’t actually decided that yet. I will keep my Twitter up and running under @RobTheTechGuy if you want to follow me please feel free. Please do not unsubscribe on YouTube quite yet since I may change my mind and just do something different on YouTube. Also I will still be taking questions and comments by email so feel free to email me if you need help with something technology related. So basically I will still be around if you will just not visually on YouTube. Also my Ustream is still there and I could stream at any given time I haven’t decided if I am going to do something different yet on Ustream but I might, maybe a show once a week related to something…. Well anyway Comments/ideas are welcome.