on your iPhone/iPod Touch

20 01 2009

I was watching Chris Pirillo’s stream live from his iPhone today with the private beta Ustream App which he already was able to get, but it will be out in the iTunes store very shortly for everyone else. Even though the official which will allow you to view and stream from your iPhone/iPod Touch is not out yet the Viewing App is out and Free in the iTunes App store currently. I have been using it for about an hour and it has a nice interface, but it has been having a lot of crashes & errors since I installed it such as encoding error, connection closed, etc. I think the official one will be much more stable when it is released (I hope anyway). It doesn’t currently support the chat, but hopefully that will be integrated later. Another disappointment was the fact that the Viewing app does not work on 3G meaning its useless in the car when traveling. I hope that the final version will work on both Wifi and 3G, but knowing Apple it probably won’t. Because they think it will use up to much bandwidth of the cell networks, and cause problems for the cell providers such as dropped calls, etc.

Direct link to the the Viewing App:

Below are some screen shots I took of the app while watching Chris Pirillo:

Chris Pirillo's Live stream on the Viewing App

Interface of the Viewing App

Upcoming Shows section of the App

Upcoming Shows section of the App

You can view Archived videos in the App




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